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April 2014 Issue
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Four Ways To Build Your Knowledge At NNA 2013 Conference

The “robo-signing” crisis and the ensuing housing market meltdown resulted in a number of new regulations for the financial and mortgage industries. One of the primary impacts to the industry will be the recent federally-mandated training and education for Notary staff and their supervisors. The NNA 2013 Conference theme, “Knowledge 2.0,” has been specially designed to help Notaries in the banking industry enter this new world of signings.

Some of the specialized courses that will appeal to this area of the industry include:

  • The Current and Future Education of Notaries — a panel discussion conducted by top state Notary officials, providing insight into what works for Notary education
  • Balancing Duty to Your Employer, Your State and Yourself — this workshop will help you understand when your employer may control your actions as a Notary, and when you must follow state laws and rules
  • New industry requirements for Notary training, education and certification to comply with service and privacy regulations and the need to provide customers with superior service
  • Notarizing powers of attorney and limited powers of attorney, affidavits, deeds of trust and other real property documents

In addition to those listed, numerous other workshops, labs and seminars will provide a full range of training and education designed to bridge the gap between the “old rules” and the new. Conference will also offer an opportunity to meet with industry leaders and gain firsthand knowledge of what lenders and mortgage industry officials will be expecting of their employees. Keep checking the Conference website for updates on workshops and speakers.

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