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April 2014 Issue
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NNA Conference Program Adds Panels Geared To Financial Industry Notaries, Employers

The NNA’s 34th Annual Conference will feature a series of interactive panels, workshops, and roundtable discussions geared specifically to Notaries and employers within the financial and banking sectors. The panels will focus on key issues, including risk management strategies and expert advice on how to ensure compliance in a new era of stringent, industry-wide standards. Among the specialized panels includes:

Compliance and Liability Issues: In light of the recent robo-signing crisis, this panel will discuss the challenges of managing a company’s risk — specifically a diverse staff of Notary employees — and how to create viable solutions that ensure accuracy and compliance.

Notary Compliance with the National Mortgage Settlement: This workshop, offered to those employed in the mortgage servicing and banking industries, provides an in-depth analysis of the recent Attorney General settlement agreed to by the five largest U.S. mortgage servicers, and provides tips and strategies for companies to comply with the new industry standards as they apply to Notaries. Specific panel topics will include:

  • Compliance and education requirements
  • Tracking and reporting components
  • Exploring the results of recently published HUD audits
  • Developing effective policies for Notary employees and notarization

The Risk That Comes With Employing Notaries:This employer-focused panel will discuss the common errors made by Notaries, and the steps businesses can make to ensure that their Notary staff has the tools and supervision it needs to avoid costly negligence or misconduct.

Developing Effective Policies for Notary Employees and Notarizations: Organizations with specific Notary policies in place help mitigate risk and ensure compliance with state laws. This workshop offers specific tools and advice on how businesses can best adhere to Notary regulations while still pursuing their profit goals.

For more information on these and other panels, roundtables, and interactive labs, visit the NNA Conference 2012 Agenda, which offers a color-coded schedule designed to allow attendees to better customize their Conference experience to match their specific industry and career level.

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