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June 1-4, 2014, Phoenix, AZ

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Are you keeping pace with what it takes to succeed as a Notary in today’s world?

The 33rd Annual NNA Conference offers over 45 workshops, enabling you to get up-to-date on:

  • Industry-specific information and resources
  • Risk management and liability protection strategies; and
  • New business marketing opportunities

Look below for a full list of all the workshops, roundtable discussions and interactive learning lab options offered, or pick a day from the menu at the left to see a more detailed explanation of each program.

Conference Workshops

Notary Essentials for Employees
This course presents a firm foundation of basic prudent practices for every Notary Public. We’ll give you the knowledge and assurance so that you can perform your notarial duties with a high standard of care and professionalism.

The Notary Supervisor: Role and Responsibilities
Properly supervising the Notaries employed by your organization is an important responsibility. Not only do Notaries represent your business as they provide valuable services to your customers, but as long as they are employees, your company is accountable for their actions. This presentation will show you how to competently manage your Notaries according to state law and best practices, and limit your employer’s exposure to liability due to notarial errors or misconduct.

Inside the NNA: How the NNA Works for You
The mission of the National Notary Association is to serve Notaries. Are you aware of the many advantages NNA membership provides you? This course will introduce you to the most important ways the NNA serves your important role by focusing on key values within the Association.

Controlling the Fraud Epidemic
It is no exaggeration to say that fraud is epidemic in this country. It is widespread, it is extremely common, and it is increasing all the time. One of the primary roles of a Notary Public is to deter fraud. But how do Notaries do that? What fraud-prevention tools do they have at their disposal, and what authority do they have to use them?

Sorry, Boss, No Can Do!
Sooner or later, you will have to explain to your boss why you can’t notarize a document or obey a directive that conflicts with your responsibilities as a Notary. As a public official, you have an obligation to uphold your state’s notarial laws and procedures, but what if your boss does not accept that?

Introduction to Sections
In 2011, the National Notary Association re-introduced its Professional Sections program — an industry/specialty focus within one of six areas to provide an upgraded membership within the Association. At this workshop, you’ll discover the types of information, access, and insight a Section Membership Upgrade can provide in all areas of focus: Notary Signing Agents & Small Business; Legal Professionals; Financial & Corporate Services; Healthcare; International; and Immigration.

Detecting and Preventing ID Fraud
Did you know that one of your primary responsibilities as a Notary is to verify the identity of every person for whom you notarize? And did you know that failing to do so properly can land you in very hot water? This workshop will teach you how to properly verify someone’s identity and, as a result, how to avoid potential liability for ID fraud.

What to Look For When Selecting a Notary
Your company may be ready to hire a Notary, or perhaps you want to reward one of your current employees with additional responsibilities. What characteristics should you consider in choosing the top candidate for the office of Notary?

A Day in the Life of a Notary Employee
Notaries must be ready to notarize for customers and employers when asked, always acting professionally and courteously. Follow our intrepid Notary as she expertly handles requests from customers and supervisors, looking over her shoulder as she notarizes typical documents.

Notary Essentials for Employers
Increasingly, employers are held financially accountable for the actions of their Notary Public employees. A key employer protection is to ensure that employees are properly trained and monitored as they perform notarial acts. This workshop will cover the recommended best practices for every notarization, as well as offer suggestions on how employers can ensure that their employees are performing in a responsible manner.

Liability and Ethics
You try hard to notarize “by the book,” but there are unavoidable gray areas that make you second guess yourself. In this workshop, you’ll learn about ethical guidelines to follow when laws are vague or unclear.

Smooth Signing: A Walk-Through of Loan Documents
Walk through a loan signing with experts who will explain the purpose of each significant document and how to conduct a mistake-free signing.

The Fundamentals of Notarization
Review the fundamentals, including basic steps to a flawless notarization and common notarial acts.

Troublesome Notarizations
There are always situations that don’t seem to fit the standard procedures. This practical workshop covers such situations as foreign language speakers and documents, wills, determining willingness and awareness, and notarizing for minors.

When and How to Say No
How do you tell a customer that you cannot notarize his or her document? Many customers don’t know — or don’t care — that you must follow laws, rules, and procedures regarding notarization. Through interactive group discussions, we will provide you with explanations to help your signers understand the importance of following Notary laws and best practice procedures.

Understanding the Use of Witnesses in Notarization
There are many types of witnesses that Notaries encounter, ranging from witnesses to the signing of a document, to a witness for a proof of execution. At this workshop, you’ll learn the differences among them as well as the requirements and expectations for each.

The Journal as Fraud Deterrent
Did you know that one of the primary roles of a Notary Public is to deter fraud? And did you know that maintaining a detailed and accurate record of all notarial acts is one of the most effective anti-fraud weapons in the Notary’s arsenal? This workshop will not only teach Notaries how to properly record their notarizations in a journal but will also teach both Notaries and those who employ them why keeping a journal helps prevent ID and document fraud from occurring.

The Most commonly Notarized Documents
Get an overview of the types of documents Notaries are most often asked to notarize, what their purposes are, and the types of notarization that are most used on these documents.

Notarizing Healthcare Documents
Learn how to identify the documents that you will most often be asked to notarize when you are called to a hospital, hospice, or assisted living facility.

You, Your Employer, Your Customers, and Liability
A Notary’s liability for damages resulting from an improper act is almost limitless. Penalties can range from a small fine to something as potentially devastating as the loss of one’s Notary commission. In addition, a Notary’s employer can also be held liable for a Notary’s mistakes. We will show you how Notaries and their employers can avoid situations of potential liability by taking simple preventive measures.

Notarizing Family Documents
Get an overview of the most significant documents that families ask to have notarized — documents related to marriage, separation and divorce, child custody and support, and trusts.

Sorry, Borrower, No Can Do!
You are at a loan closing and you receive an improper request for notarization from a borrower, lender, or title agent. What do you do? You feel pressured because all parties just want the loan to close and fund on time. And if things don’t work out, you may not get paid! Through interactive group discussions, we will help you think of proper responses to avoid the heated haggling that may result if you are caught off guard.

Signer Challenges
Join a discussion on the common misconceptions about people with disabilities, the proper etiquette when dealing with signers with disabilities, and notarial laws and practices that may be applicable.

Why Home Ownership Matters
Be introduced to the latest trends and issues facing the real estate industry from experts within the housing sector.

The County Dotted Line
Make sure that you know what to expect before delivering your documents to the County Recorder’s Office. This workshop will help reduce rejected documents and unnecessary re-do’s when handling these important documents.

New Industries for Mobile Services
The course will update current Trusted Enrollment Agents and provide information for prospective agents to learn more about the identity proofing opportunities emerging within multiple industries. The NNA has contracted with two companies to provide contract identity proofing and notarization services nationwide. The workshop will describe the job assignment process, detail the necessary educational requirements, and feature speakers from non real-estate related industries providing updates from their respective companies regarding the growing need for third party identity proofing.

Certifying the Paralegal

Discover the world of the Paralegal and learn how closely tied to the world of the Notary this profession really is. From state regulations to certifications — you’ll be introduced to the basics of this profession.

The Unauthorized Practice of Law
The most tempting of the “deadly notary sins,” the unauthorized practice of law is facing Notaries in and outside of legal environments. You’ll be introduced to the warning signs and learn how important it is to stay clear.

How Trade Works
Learn the basics of what it takes to export a good or service from the U.S. Discover what a “Certificate of Origin” is, and why in most countries in the Middle East, a notarization is required before any goods can be shipped from the U.S.

Helping Families Achieve Inter-Country Adoptions
One of the most heartwarming roles a Notary can serve is facilitating a family adopting a child from overseas — however, if not done properly, a faulty notarization can ruin a family’s chance of welcoming a new addition. Learn from inter-country adoption experts on what you need to know as a Notary, when participating in this sensitive act.

An Introduction to Dodd-Frank
Sweeping legislation was passed in 2010 that will impact the financial services industry at many levels. As more pieces of Dodd-Frank become a reality, including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, this workshop will provide an overview of the regulatory changes and systematic adjustments that will be the result of the new laws.

An Update on Healthcare Reform
In this workshop, you’ll hear the latest in issues and developments related to the Heath Care Reform legislation passed by the U.S. Congress in 2010.

NNA Professional Section Roundtables
This series of interactive roundtable discussions will allow members of the NNA Professional Sections (Notary Signing Agents & Small Business, Healthcare, Legal Professionals, Financial & Corporate Services, and Immigration/International) an opportunity to hear from their community.

Moderated by a members of the Sections Advisory Panel, the roundtables will allow everyone an opportunity to update the group on issues, concerns or goings on from each attendee’s perspective. Preferred seating will be made to NNA Professional Section members, however, everyone is welcome and able to participate in the discussion.

After attending this roundtable discussion, you will hear from colleagues within each of the NNA’s Professional Sections and have a sense of important issues and concerns within the various industries and sectors the U.S. Notary Public finds him/herself in.

Guarding the Public
The role of the Public Guardian is an important one — ensuring those without family or friends are taken are not taken advantage of. In this compelling workshop, you’ll learn how exploitation and competency issues can lead to abuse and court action.

The Power of Networking
You’ll learn from a networking expert how to make the most of your mingling. From the elevator pitch to how to choose the best networking events to participate in — this is a workshop not to be missed.

What SCORE & SBA Can Do For You
After an introduction to the small business resources available for all types of small business through the Small Business Administration (SBA), you’ll learn what the SCORE program provides and how to find your nearest SCORE counselor.

Small Business Creative Marketing
You’ll learn how identifying your brand and brand touch points can serve as a launching pad for creative ideas and approaches to market your business and promote your services as an independent Notary.

Small Business Accounting
This workshop will provide an introduction to Quickbooks, the popular small business accounting software.

How to Create a Business Plan

During this workshop, presented by the Las Vegas Small Business Development Center, you’ll gain an introduction to the SBDC network, and learn the fundamental steps to putting together a business plan for your small business.

Making the Most of Your Website
It’s more important than ever for your business to have a website. At this workshop, you’ll learn why websites work, how they work, and how easy it is to create your own website using Intuit’s website-building software tools.

Small Business Strategic Planning
This workshop presents the fundamental devices used in crafting a strategy for a business venture..

Advantage: Social Media
Learn how social media can be used to generate contacts, build networks and generate revenue.

Interactive Learning Lab
The NNA’s Curriculum Development team has created a series of activities that will allow you to test your notarial knowledge, work on interactive computer and hands-on simulations, catch up on and learn from recent news and articles of “Notaries in the News,” and engage in Notary Signing Agent activities.

* Note: NNA Conference program information subject to change.

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