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Dr. Michael Woodward Tapped As NNA 2015’s Keynote Speaker

Michael ‘Dr. Woody’ Woodward to speak at the NNA 2015 Conference

Michael "Dr. Woody" Woodward

Don’t miss our dynamic keynote speaker in Orlando during the NNA 2015 Conference. Organizational psychologist Michael Woodward, PhD, the inspiring author of “The YOU Plan” has a background in human resources and executive coaching.

Woodward, also known as “Dr. Woody,” is a life-work expert with a passion for helping business owners, executives and entrepreneurs and is a frequent talk show guest.

“In this quick-changing, vibrant world you must be able to spot a good opportunity and then shift into high gear to expand your Notary business for success,” he says.

While we don’t want to spill the beans before his rousing address at the opening general session June 1, Woodward will explain “how to break free from the restraints holding your business back.”

Dr. Woody will also discuss:

  • Broadening your Notary networks to get more work;
  • Optimizing and growing your own referral networks; and
  • Identifying Notary trends and how to ride them out in a bumpy economy.


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13 Apr 2015

Interested in the NNA 2015 Conference. Need more info.

National Notary Association

14 Apr 2015

Hi Carol! You can find information on Conference workshops and panels, registration and hotel details all at

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