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About the Notary Bulletin

The National Notary Association welcomes you to the Notary Bulletin — the nation’s premiere resource for Notary news and information. The Notary Bulletin is updated weekly with intelligence vital to your official duty to serve the public and protect their transactions. It is available publicly to all Notaries, members of the public, state officials or any person interested in consumer protection, document security and identity protection. The Notary Bulletin features:

  • News, information and analysis relevant to Notaries and those who employ and support them. (Accessible in the main news section)
  • Coverage of key issues and trends regarding consumer protection, liability and best practices (Accessible in the main news section)
  • Weekly tips and answers from the NNA’s expert Notary Hotline team. (Accessible in the “Best Practices” module.)
  • Exclusive “Test Your Knowledge” interactive quizzes covering the full breadth of Notary issues. (Accessible in the right navigation bar)
  • Monthly polls of the NNA’s national community of Notaries that provides insights on the trends and practices of today’s Notaries. (Accessible in the main news section)
  • Weekly e-mail alerts every Thursday to highlight the week’s featured coverage and content. (Delivered direct you)