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Notary Laws

Notary Law Updates By State

Use this database to find updated Notary laws and regulations in your state or jurisdiction.

Notary Legal Case Designates a legal case
Notary Executive Order Designates an executive order
Notary Guidance Designates guidance
Notary Law Designates legislation that has become law
Notary Regulation Designates an administrative regulation or rule

LawJun 30, 2022 - Arizona
AZ Senate Bill 1115 - Arizona enacts the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts (RULONA), strengthening Arizona’s Notary Public statutes.

LawJan 01, 2022 - New Mexico
NM Senate Bill 12 - Senate Bill 12 enacts the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts (RULONA), including authorization for Notaries to perform remote online notarizations.

LawOct 12, 2021 - Ohio
OH House Bill 263 - House Bill 263 enacts rules for how licensing authorities treat with applicants with past criminal records and makes technical changes to Ohio’s Notary laws.

LawOct 01, 2021 - Maryland
MD Senate Bill 132 - Senate Bill 132 protects the privacy of Maryland Notaries by no longer making public a Notary's home address or phone number if the Notary has a business address and phone number.

LawAug 02, 2021 - Arkansas
AR Senate Bill 437 - Senate Bill 437 makes non-substantive amendments to two Notary statutes, Arkansas Code 21-14-101 and 21-14-102.

LawAug 01, 2021 - North Dakota
ND House Bill 1077 - House Bill 1077 authorizes an individual to create their last will using electronic records and to electronically sign the will before a Notary or other officer authorized to take acknowledgments.

LawJul 01, 2021 - Mississippi
MS House Bill 1156 - Mississippi substantively enacts the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts paper and electronic notarization provisions.

LawJul 01, 2021 - Nebraska
NE Legislative Bill 910 - Legislative Bill 910 restructures the fees Notaries Public pay to be commissioned as a Notary into one fee and aligns statutory sections which prescribe the maximum fee that an Online Notary pays to become an Online Notary.

LawJul 01, 2021 - Wyoming
WY Senate File 29 - Senate File 29 enacts the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts, remote notarization, and a journal and educational requirement for Wyoming Notaries.

LawJul 01, 2021 - South Dakota
SD Senate Bill 193 - Senate Bill 193 makes changes to its remote notarization statute by defining terms and adding an acknowledgment certificate for a remote notarization.

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