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Executive Order

TN Governor Executive Order 37

Notary Law Update: TN Governor Executive Order 37

State: Tennessee


Tennessee Governor Lee extends his previous Executive Order 26, allowing remote notarization and witnessing of documents.

Signed:  May 12, 2020

Effective:  May 18, 2020

Chapter: N/A


All Tennessee Notaries Public.

  1. Extends Executive Order 26, allowing videoconference notarizations, through June 30, 2020.
  2. Modifies the statement that must appear on each document notarized by videoconference under the Executive Order stating in that it was executed in compliance with, as applicable, Executive Order No. 26 by Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, dated April 9, 2020, and/or Executive Order No. 37 by Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, dated May 12, 2020.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, governors are going back and extending prior executive orders they issued allowing remote, videoconference, and remote ink signed notarizations. Governor Bill Lee's Executive Order 37 extends his prior Executive Order 26 with only one minor change related to the notice that must appear on a document notarized under the authority of the Order.

Read the Executive Order.

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