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MD Guidance on Remote Notarizations (4/21/20)

Notary Law Update: MD Guidance on Remote Notarizations (4/21/20)

State: Maryland


The Maryland Secretary has issued the third revision of its guidance on temporary remote notarizations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Signed:  April 21, 2020

Effective:  April 21, 2020

Chapter: N/A


All Maryland Notaries Public.

  1. Lists Cisco Webex as a platform Maryland Notaries may choose to consider for performing temporary remote notarizations.
  2. Clarifies that a Notary's business phone number, applicant ID, name, county of commission, and commission expiration date will be published on the Secretary of State's website.
  3. Clarifies that upon request the Secretary of State must share a Notary's home phone number pursuant to the Maryland Public Information Act Section 4-332 although the Notary's home phone number will not be displayed on the Secretary's website.
  4. Clarifies that the Secretary of State will publish a list of Notaries authorized to perform remote notarizations on its website.


This revised guidance document published by the Secretary of State is the third revision of the guidance for Maryland Notaries who perform remote notarizations under the Governor's temporary executive order of March 30, 2020. The guidance lists one additional platform vendor approved by the Secretary of State (Cisco Webex) and provides reminders to Notaries of the information the Secretary will make available on each Notary on its website, including a Notary's capability of performing remote acts.

To read the April 21, 2020, guidance, click Download PDF below.

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