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Executive Order

IA Governor Proclamation (4-2-2020)

Notary Law Update: IA Governor Proclamation (4-2-2020)

State: Iowa


Iowa Governor Reynolds extends her previous proclamation temporarily authoring remote online notarizations to be performed by Iowa Notaries.

Signed:  April 02, 2020

Effective:  April 02, 2020

Chapter: N/A


All Iowa Notaries Public.


Extends the provisions allowing Notaries to perform notarial acts for remotely located individuals as enacted in Senate File 475 of 2019 until April 30, 2020.


On March 22, 2020, Iowa Governor Reynolds temporarily suspended Iowa Code 9B.6 (the requirement that a document signer must appear personally before a notarial officer) to the extent the act complied with the requirements of section 6 of 2019 Iowa Acts chapter 44 (Senate File 475) and any additional guidance provided by the Iowa Secretary of State regarding approved communication technology. This proclamation extends the original order until April 30, 2020.

Read the proclamation.

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