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April 2014 Issue
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Study Shows Mexican Immigration Drops To Historic Standstill

A recent Pew Research Center study indicates that after four decades of unprecedented growth, Mexican immigration has now come to a dramatic halt, and perhaps even reversed, with more immigrants returning to their home country. This historic standstill, coupled with a steady rise in immigration numbers from other parts of the world, indicates a “changing face” of immigration in the United States.

The study, culled from an in-depth analysis of government data from both the U.S. and Mexico, indicates that the recent standstill comes on the heels of a sharp downward trend in net migration from Mexico that started in 2007. The study cites several potential reasons for the significant decrease, including the weakened U.S. economy, increased border security and deportations, the hazards of illegal border crossings and a long-term decline in Mexico birth rates, as well as improving economic conditions south of the border.

As Mexican immigration figures drop, the USCIS is reporting meteoric rises in both skilled worker (H-1B) and investor (EB-5) visas — indicating that immigration itself is not slowing down, but that we are experiencing a dramatic shift as to where immigrants to the U.S. are coming from.

Notaries in the immigration sector are likely to work with immigrant clientele from across the globe, meaning a variety of languages and cultures. Being aware and educated on immigration trends can help Notaries better serve their clients, as many may not be aware of the proper role of the U.S. Notary.

Key Points:

  • Immigration from Mexico to U.S. is at a historic standstill.
  • Immigration numbers from other parts of the world are on the rise.
  • Notaries in the immigration sector should be prepared to work with a variety of international clients.

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