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April 2014 Issue
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DHS Lawsuit Could Result In Release Of Immigration Documents

A lawsuit filed last month against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security seeks the release of thousands of immigration-related documents and, should it succeed, may lead to greater transparency in documenting immigrants and immigration proceedings. As a result, notarized immigration documents could be placed under increased scrutiny.

The lawsuit, filed by an alliance of national immigration advocacy organizations, seeks to compel the release of documents concerning the agency’s Criminal Alien Program (CAP) — a program the alliance alleges has been shrouded in secrecy and needs greater transparency. If the alliance is victorious, the lawsuit could result in the wide release of documents that would be scrutinized to determine how the program is impacting immigrants nationwide.

While many immigration documents do not require notarization, certain supplemental documents often do, and those notarizations will be placed under increased scrutiny should they be called into question in court. Notaries can avoid such legal concerns by performing their notarizations in accordance with state laws, following the NNA’s Recommended Practices, and keeping up to date with new immigration document practices and procedures.

Key Points:

  • Lawsuit against DHS could result in the release of immigration documents
  • Notarized documents related to immigration may be placed under increased scrutiny
  • Notaries should protect themselves by ensuring their notarizations are performed accurately and in compliance with the law

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