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State Requirements

  • 18 years of age
  • Legal resident of AR or adjoining state and employed in AR; U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien
  • Must read, write and understand English
  • No lifetime felony conviction
  • Not had a Notary commission revoked within the past 10 years

Why the NNA?

Chosen by more new and renewing Notaries than any other provider.

The NNA has been a great asset! Their Hotline has helped me numerous times when I didn't know how to proceed with difficult signings.

- John

The Worry-Free Way to
Become or Renew as an Arkansas Notary

Become an
Arkansas Notary

Obtain your state-required, bond, official seal and everything you need.

  • Obtain all you need to Become an Arkansas Notary and perform your duties properly
  • Convenient online application saves you time
  • Step-by-step guidance eliminates uncertainty
  • Total Satisfaction Guarantee


Renew as an
Arkansas Notary

Renew with the nation’s foremost authority. Complete your application and obtain all your state-required essentials.

  • Quickly and easily obtain all you need to renew your commission
  • Convenient online application saves you time
  • Step-by-step guidance makes renewal effortless
  • Total Satisfaction Guarantee


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Supplies & Insurance

  • Arkansas Notary Seals
  • Arkansas Notary Bonds
  • Official Notary Journals
  • U.S. Notary Law Primer
  • Errors & Omissions Insurance

Notary Classes

  • Notary Essentials Online Course
  • NSA Training